TWO AND A HALF MEN Co-Creator/Writer & Producer Lee Aronsohn at April Salon!

Television Comedy Creator LEE ARONSOHN
TV Producer, Writer, Composer and Director

One of the most influential makers of television comedy today, will join us at the Salon on Monday, April 14th.

(Get a taste of the fun in store at the Salon, check out this bio Lee wrote for us…)

Lee Aronsohn has been making memorable television for over thirty years. Beginning in 1978 as a writer on “The Love Boat” – for which he created the character of the Captain’s bastard daughter, Vicki.  He went on to contribute to such 80′s classics as “Charles in Charge” and “Who’s the Boss.”

In the 90′s, as a writer and producer, Lee helped shape some of the decade’s most popular sitcoms such as “Murphy Brown,” “Grace Under Fire” and “Cybill.”  In 2003 he co-created “Two and a Half Men,” which quickly became TV’s number one comedy and the anchor of CBS’s Monday night lineup.

In addition to writing and executive producing “Men” for 9 seasons (as well as directing several episodes and composing the theme song), from 2007 to 2011 Lee also served as a writer and executive producer of “The Big Bang Theory,” another CBS hit.

Lee lived in Lincoln from 1975-77, founded Trade A Tape Comic Center, and occasionally threw up in the vicinity of the Zoo Bar.

Currently exhausted, Lee lives in Sherman Oaks, California with his wife and four-year-old-daughter.

Join us Monday, April 14th for a sure-to-be hilarious Salon with one of television’s top creators!

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